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Marsha gives you all the secrets behind successfully incorporating strategic pricing into your proposals – even if you have been pricing Federal contracts for decades or just beginning your journey.

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Successful Government contractors are financially savvy. What they do does not happen by accident or without solid financial plans that involve strategic pricing. The Federal Government buys well over $500 billion a year from the private sector. Federal contracting can be very profitable if you make the right decisions and take the right actions. While it can be a lucrative way to grow your business or provide a stable business base, some companies make little profit or none. That is not a sound way to grow your business or remain a viable source for your customers.

Strategic Pricing is a book for seasoned experienced Government contractors. The pricing concepts are sophisticated and targeted at those already conversant in pricing Government contracts. Now you can uncover the secret strategic pricing processes and tools your company may already have, sharpen your pencil, and liberate your thinking to discover the small actions that produce large results in pursuing Government contracts. Translation: win more and keep more. If you use even one of these secrets, you will go a long way toward making a difference in your pricing.

You will discover the hidden secrets of……

What makes strategic pricing so important to winning
Strategic pricing processes that will make managing your proposal dramatically easier
Reaching into your strategic pricing toolbox and stretching beyond wrap rates and profit margins
Checklists that you wish you had sooner
Standing out with bonus POWerful strategic pricing extras that set you apart

Government contractors employ various sound strategic pricing habits and tools to help them generate winning price proposals. Too many take strategic pricing very cavalierly – like it is an afterthought. If you want your next proposal priced right, take all the advantages you must to win.

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Marsha provides her readers with a timely, disciplined, and strategy-rich pricing process.

Michael Gallo, Partner/Principal Consultant, Federal Pricing Group,

This book helps you safely navigate the risky pricing path.

Mike Parkinson, Microsoft MVP, CPP APMP Fellow, Billion Dollar Graphics

When Marsha told me she was writing a book on advanced pricing strategies, I sat up in my chair. I was excited to hear what she was going to do. There are a number of books on pricing written for the Government market. Few are anything more than abstract concepts with little to no tactics or recommended strategy.

Joshua P. Frank

Marsha Lindquist is a business expert to Government contractors and strategically collaborates with clients to arrive at innovative pricing solutions that take them to more awards. Ms. Lindquist has achieved the distinguished titles of NCMA Fellow, APMP Fellows & APMP Professional (CPP) as well as the ProPricer 2021 Future of Pricing Honoree.

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